Executive Coaching

Work with me to deepen your self-awareness, define your purpose and clarify your goals in order to create a career that energises you and a successful life that fulfils you completely.


What is Executive Coaching?

Working with an Executive Coach can be life-changing. As an Executive Coach, sometimes called a Career or Leadership Coach, I will help you build deeper self-awareness of what’s truly important to you and why certain things sit well or don’t in what you do. We will identify those negative thoughts or voices holding you back and give you the techniques to banish them. As your Executive coach, I will empower you to acknowledge and own your strengths and achievements so you have a clear idea of your USP.

With me as your Executive Coach we will clarify your career goals by ensuring they are centred around what really motivates and energises you. Executive coaching will enable you to build a life around your passions and strengths, leading to a truly fulfilling life.

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An Executive Coach will give you time to step off the hamster wheel of work, reflect on where you are now and determine where you truly want to be.



FAQs for Executive Coaching

+ What advice would you give to someone looking for An Executive Coach?

When looking for an Executive or a Leadership Coach my advice would be shopping around and try before you buy! Ask for a sample session otherwise known as a chemistry session (a short free session) to see what their style is like. Finding an Executive Coach involves careful consideration, your Executive Coach needs to be someone you feel will actively listen to you, will not judge but will provide an environment where you can talk about your wildest dreams and darkest fears. You need to feel you trust your Executive Coach and be comfortable with them. That’s not to say you shouldn’t expect a challenge, nor is coaching always plain sailing, as it will involve you talking about things that you may find difficult. The best advice for finding an Executive Coach is to find someone you like, you respect and that you trust.

+ Why should I invest in Executive Career Coaching?

Executive Coaching will transform your life. It will enable you to envisage your goals with clarity and give you the internal power to achieve them.

Executive or Career Coaching arms you with the skill set to break the cycle of jumping from job to job, with no obvious direction and instead enable you take charge of your personal career management, by stepping back and identifying both the direction you’re going in and the direction you want to be going in.

Busy, talented people, like yourself, can pretty much turn their hand to anything. Which means a lot of times they end up in roles because they are capable, not necessarily because they are passionate and want to be there. Executive Career Coaching helps you check in, take stock and make sure you are using every day to get you where you truly want to go.

+ How long does the coaching process take?

Typically, Executive Career Coaching will take 4-6 months with coaching sessions occurring twice a month. The first two sessions are longer because this is where the discovery work takes place:

  • What are you motivated by?
  • What energises you?
  • What drains you?
  • What would you do if time and resource were no object?

We clarify your goals and focus for the coaching, where you are now and where you want to be. We also identify any negative voices holding you back and learn how to deal with them.

Once the foundation work is done, we meet either for a two-hour session once a month, or for an hour twice a month. The coaching focuses on how to use that new-found self-awareness to bring fresh perspective and reframing to issues and stumbling blocks.

+ Who benefits from Coaching?

I believe everyone can benefit from coaching! Here is just a short list:

  • Are you a talented individual who just isn’t happy in your current role and don’t know why? This was me!
  • Are you at a crossroads?
  • Have you reached the top of your field and don’t know where next.
  • Are you considering a career transition?
  • Are you stepping into a leadership role?
  • Do you dream of a portfolio career but don’t know where to start?
  • Do you lack confidence and self-belief?
  • Are you weary of the rat race and want to step off the hamster wheel and evaluate where you are going?

If so, contact me for a sample session

+ Where do the sessions typically take place?

Ideally, for Executive Coaching in London, at least the first two sessions are face-to-face. As an Executive Coach in London, I can come to your office if you have a private room or we can meet in Soho House private members club (Soho, Shoreditch, White City).

The hour-long sessions can either be done face-to-face or via Skype which works well. Skype creates an intimate platform which I find good for coaching and it can be done in the comfort of your own home.

+ How much does it cost?

Executive and Leadership Coaching is an investment in the rest of your life. It is also a financial investment. If a 4-6 month package is not appropriate for you, shorter packages can be tailored to your specific circumstances. Get in touch now to discuss the plan that’s most suitable for you.

+ How do I pay?

Via online transfer in advance of coaching sessions. 50% before coaching begins and 50% at the mid-way point. Please note that if sufficient notice (48 hours) is not given to change an appointment, you may forfeit that session.

+ What hours are available?

Hours are flexible when booked in advance, depending on availability. We can do breakfast as well as evenings if required.

+ Can Executive Career Coaching be done in group sessions?

Yes! If you have a team and would like to have group coaching to help you work better together or to clarify team goals and what GREAT would look like, many of the tools and exercises I use in executive coaching can be done as a group. It works well for a team away day or for half a day. Please contact me to discuss.

+ How will I measure progress?

At the beginning of the coaching, we will work to clarify the goals and what success would look like on reaching those goals. All the way along we focus and check in with those goals and how we are not only deepening learning in terms of self-awareness but also forwarding the action and benefitting. Most clients find that they make such good progress that their original goals change into even bigger ones half way through the coaching period.

+ What are the first steps to coaching?

Booking a sample session to find out if you want to work with me! Thereafter, we do an in-depth discovery session with you and goal setting. And then we get to work!

+ What are the benefits?

The benefits of coaching are plentiful. Some benefits include: a happy, fulfilled career and life living your purpose with passion and energy. Knowing yourself. Living a life of no regrets. Actualising your dreams. Transforming from within. Banishing those inner critics. Shining forth.