Tracy appears on Comedy Podcast Big Meeting!

Yoga in the Boardroom at ASOS HQ, Camden

Yoga in the Boardroom at ASOS HQ, Camden

I am loving the explosion in podcasts and people finding enthusiastic audiences for their passions. You can explore anything you want in your own podcast and have complete creative freedom of expression.

I was recently invited to be a guest on Big Meeting!  Which is a new comedy podcast for movie and TV lovers.  Hosted by Pete Gomori and Adrian Hieatt, the idea is that they’ve been coming up with ideas for the silver screen for years but have not got anywhere yet.  Everyone’s got a Big Idea that if only they could pitch to a Hollywood producer it would become a blockbuster, don’t you think?

And so now Pete and Adrian have finally lined up a series of ‘Big Meetings’ with real life movie and TV executives and have a chance of pitching their ideas once and for all.  This is their big moment. Trouble is, all their ideas are insane…

Because of my background as a TV commissioner for BBC and UKTV, they invited me along to pitch some factual entertainment series to me.  And it was such fun! Keeping a straight face whilst one ludicrous idea after another came out took some doing. But as a commissioner, your role is not so much to say ‘No’ straight away but to be creative with the idea and see if it can be developed or tweaked into something really good.  I think good commissioners will see the germ of a good idea buried in a bad pitch and work with the creatives to bring that germ to life. We had a go!

And actually, some Pete and Adrian’s factual entertainment ideas weren’t quite as ludicrous as they thought. One involving Idris Elba visiting people’s homes and rating how cool their stuff was got my vote.  I also ended up advising them to combine 3 of their ideas into a big format that they dubbed “Lost: The Format” with a bit of Fortitude thrown in. I’d watch it!

Thank you to @bigmeetingpod and @studiogomori for inviting me.  If you get a chance, do listen! 

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