Yoga in the Boardroom at All3 Media

Yoga in the Boardroom at All3 Media

Yoga in the Boardroom at All3 Media

Happy International Yoga Day! To celebrate, I hosted a Yoga in the Boardroom workshop for all3media in London.  

This time, the workshop was done entirely in work clothes and in a work environment.  So, the key thing was to adapt yoga poses and enable them to get the benefits just using the work furniture they had around them.  Try this at your work place!

I taught them top techniques for using desks, chairs and walls to do tension and stress-releasing stretches caused by being on the computer too long. Plus, how to create impact and build confidence through posture. and, of course, how to use breath to feel powerfully calm at work and beyond.

At the top left of the picture, this image shows how to use your chair to get a lovely tension releasing and energising twist.


How to do Chair Twist:

  1. Place your hand on the desk in front of you.

  2. Place the other hand behind you on the middle of your chair.

  3. Inhale and reach up through the crown of your head to find extension in your spine (sit up tall)

  4. Exhale and twist around to the back of the chair.

  5. Every inhale, reach up and find a little more height.

  6. Every exhale, twist back a little deeper.

  7. Make sure you are not putting any strain on your neck, you should be looking the direction your shoulders are pointing.

  8. Breathe!

  9. When you are ready, slowly release the pose and repeat on the other side.

  10. Do this every time you’ve been sitting down for a long time and are feeling hunched.


At the top right of the picture, the image shows how to use wall corners to give yourself a good stretch of your pecs and heart-centre.  This is important because we spend so much time on computers and smart phones that our bodies tend to hunch forwards.


How to do Wall Stretch:

  1. Stand next to the corner of a wall.  

  2. Place your elbow and forearm on the wall with your elbow at a right angle

  3. Align your hip so that your body is in one line against the wall.

  4. With the foot closest the wall, take one step forward, leaving the elbow and forearm where they are.

  5. Lean forward into the pose and you should feel a lovely stretch across the front of the body and your pecs.  

  6. Breathe.

  7. When you are ready, release the pose and repeat on the other side.

  8. Do this once a day!


Thank you to Clare Welch, Sara Geater and all3media International for inviting me!