Yoga in the Boardroom

An inspirational and innovative corporate wellness workshop that demonstrates easy but impactful yoga inspired techniques. You will learn the secrets of powerful posture and how to increase your confidence and resilience at work.

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Yoga in the Boardroom is Walter & Wootze’s Corporate Wellness service

90 minutes of fun that will help you feel powerfully calm in a stressful environment. We take elements of the yoga teachings and apply them to the working world. It is not a classic yoga class. You do not have to be able to do yoga to take part. You will learn the secrets of powerful posture and how to increase inner confidence just by stance. We show you how to use breath to create feelings of inner strength and calm and easy stretches to do if you are desk-bound for too long or need to combat executive stress. Just what your company needs?

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FAQs about Yoga in the Boardroom


+ How does it work?

Yoga in the Boardroom works by getting you to try out postures and stretches to release tension from the shoulders and neck. You will be taught how to do desk yoga, standing desk yoga and even chair yoga. You will learn breathing techniques to make you feel powerfully calm and energised and the secrets on how to create personal impact through posture and how to stretch out to relieve tension by being desk-bound too long. And much more!

+ Who is it for?

  • Anyone who works in an office or at a desk or in a busy workplace – or all three!
  • Anyone who spends a lot of time on their smartphone, hunched forward!
  • Anyone who finds the pressure of corporate life a bit much sometimes.
  • Anyone who gets nervous before delivering presentations or attending important meetings.
  • Anyone who would like more confidence.
  • Anyone who would like to look and feel more confident.

+ Do I need special clothes or a mat?

The techniques taught in this workshop are designed to be used in the workplace so you can wear work clothes. However, we also include some executive de-stress sequences which you would do at home. So it’s advisable to come in clothes that are comfortable, that you can stretch in and don’t mind sitting on the floor in!

A mat is preferable. I can bring mats with advance notice, for 16 people.

A non-mat version is available too!

+ What’s the story behind Yoga in the Boardroom?

I qualified as a 200hr RYT Yoga Teacher. Originally, I wanted to learn for my own personal practice and never intended to teach. But over the year-long course, I discovered so many things in the Eight Limbs of Yoga that are so relevant and apt to life off the mat - especially in our working or corporate lives. Things like how to find courage, conviction and kindness (to self and others). How to open your heart to do the things that are really meaningful to you. How to open your throat to speak up and speak out. How to find inner and physical strength for resilience in this hectic world. How to breathe to feel powerfully calm. With that in mind I designed a workshop using yoga inspired techniques called 'Yoga in the Boardroom' for individuals, groups or companies.

The workshop has been described by participants as;


'The best yoga class I have attended! I found the focus on how certain body positions can help with confidence and feeling powerful a really helpful experience.'